I have climbed with Armando Corvini, and I would recommend  Armando and Guided Outdoor Adventures to anyone….!

Stephanie Ballantyne

Hi Armando!
THANKS VERY VERY MUCH for the effort and time you spend with me caving and rock climbing. You’re extremely professional and great at what you do and I would highly recommend you to others whom would like to try your adventures. I’ll be happy to receive and go other adventures with you and extended team. Many thanks again and I hope you have a great 2016 as well.
Irene ???

I’ve the wonderful good fortune to be introduced to climbing by Armando Corvini.
Armando is very safety conscious: he explained the ropes, the knoth and the equipment to me carefully and then I watched as he double checked everything so I felt perfectly safe to climb up and down a limestone cliff. Armando is also a very patient teacher, he had good suggestions when I was uncertain where to place my feet, he remainded me to take my time. All in all, I had great time and can’t wait to learn more.
Christine Allon – Canberra ACT

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